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Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri
Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri

- Purified water production may vary from 90 up to 230 lt/hour
- Compact desalinator of easy installation, can be installed in reduced spaces
- PVC frame, corrosion proof - Parts subject to maintanance are easily accessible
- Operation functions completely automatic
- Automatic safety controls for overpressures and lack of water protections
- PLC microprocessor in control board with display of operation conditions. Possibility to operate the desalinator by means of a "remote control"
- High pressure section composed of a super dublex pump, smooth running, vibration proof, water lubricated, no oilchanges required. Operation of 8000 houes before an eventual required maintanence
- Vessel containing membranes manufactured in fiberglass and so asbsolutely corrosion proof
- High pressure circuit manufactured with AISI 316 L connections and pipes
- Polyamide high flow membranes, the most innovative nowadays on market
- Feed pump in engineering resin installed power 0,37 kW
- Complete of arrangement for membrane cleaning


Salinity:37000 ppm

Temperature:25 °C

SDI:< 3

Pressure:max. 70 Bar


Feed Water:1/2"

Brine Discharge:3/8"

Product Water:3/8"


Voltage:230 Volts - 50 Hz

Total Installed Power:2 kW
(Feed Pump included)
Note :
On requests plants with different voltage can be supplied


SWP 02/9090 lt/hour

SWP 02/180180 lt/hour

SWP 02/230230 lt/hour
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