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Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri
Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri
HYDROS® WP 60     ( Water treatment plants for domestic use )

Drinkable water distributed by water networks of many countries, no longer offers sufficient guarantees of purity. Impurities and pollution represent today a threatening danger for consumer's health.

Recent pollutions of aquifers in extended agricultural and industrial aereas, have greatly focused the exposures of consumers to the risks of toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides (atrazina), organic chlorides (trichloroethylene, chloroform) etc, and to the problems caused by the impossibility of exploting the mos vital resource of drinkable water.

In order to avoid the main part of these risks and inconveniences, a small equipment has been designed which has low consumptions and requires minimum maintenance, called HYDROS WP/60

This equipment guarantees to all families, at all times and even in case of emergency, the water devoid of unpleasant smells and tastes, excellent for drinking and cooking.

The HYDROS WP/60, by means of the reverse osmosis process which exploits the features of specials semipermeable membranes, removes from the water all organic and inorganic pollutants as well as part of the dissol-ved salts, and guarentees the water surely drinkable.

The Personal Water Purifier HYDROS has been designed to be installed under the kitchen wash-basin without any modification to the existing water plant.


Purified Water Capacity: 60 Lt./h
Operation Pressure: 10-14 BAR
Voltage: 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Absorded Power: 250 Watt
Seizes: 280 x 460 x 300 mm.h.
Weight: 20 kg
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