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Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri
Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri

Hydros BW Product Range
Su Arıtma, İzmir, Tuzlu Su Arıtma

Brackish water treatment units Operation principle

The SIREG units called HYDROS®, apply the reverse osmosis system in order to demineralize, to desalinate and to purify the water. By exploiting the characteristics of special semi-permeables membranes , without adding any chemicals, they totally remove from the water organic pollutants (bacteria, virus , ect) inorganic pollutants (herbicides, pesticides ect.) and, according to the requirements, up to 98 % of salts in solution. The water entering the purifier is subjected to a preliminary treatment to remove solid particles (sand, rust, ect.). The treatment is performed with two or more forced filtration modules. The water out from the filtration section is conveyed, to reverse osmosis membranes in which the purification or demineralization treatment takes place. Two flows are conveyed from the reverse osmosis modules:

A purified or demineralized water flow, called permeate, for different uses.
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