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Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri
Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri

About Us


Erdoğan Tözge is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University in the class of 1951.
erdogan tozge

He started his career life at the Science Office in İzmir International Fair. He was at office in the Directorate of Municipality Public Affairs until 1954.
He worked as Building/Construction Site Chief in Nazilli Bozdoğan Kemer Dam.

Since 1955 he has been working as Free Architect. Meanwhile, he brought numerous works to İzmir. Later on, since after 1958 he worked as a Building Contractor.

He renovated Ege University Medical School, Hospital, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Food, Faculty of Gastroenterology and other units. He accomplished completion/finishing/ servicing / replenishment / reinforcement constructions of more than 60 bank branch offices, numerous apartment buildings, Çeşme Emlak Bankası Turistik Tesisleri (Çeşme Estate Bank Touristic Facilities), Burhaniye Denetko Touristic Facilities, Burdur Flour Factory, Piyale Macaroni Factory, Hotels, Sea Sports Clubhouse and Facility in Switzerland and worked as BP Petroleum Aegean Region Construction Consultant. Aside from construction affairs from 1964 to 2004 he managed BP Petroleum İzmir Hatay Fuel Oil Station and he was engaged with fuel oil trade.

He worked as Chairman of the Commission of Prosperity of İzmir Municipality, member of İzmir Province and İzmir Municipality Higher Board of Consultancy, Chairman of Aegean Region Chamber of Architects and a member of Organization Committee for Mediterranean Olympics held in İzmir in 1974.

He undertook duties in numerous social clubs such as Project and Application Architecture of Altay and Ankara Gücü Sports Complexes, Presidency of Altay Sports Club and Chairmanship of Higher Divan Board, Presidency of (İzvak) İzmir Sports Clubs Foundation Inc., Chairmanship of Social Committee of Turkish Armed Forces, Chairmanship of Aid Club to İzmir Traffic, membership of Alsancak Embellishment Club and Turkish American Association as well as membership of Aid Club to the Needy Of İzmir.

Erdoğan Tözge has been a member of Rotary Club since 1970 and he was the founding member of Konak, Denizli, Aydın, Çeşme, Gündoğdu and Rotary Clubs and he worked as Güverman Private Representative. He is the founding member of Konak Rotary Club with no 1. He organized Regional Conferences, Assemblies, panels and symposiums at Rotary. In the period 1983-84 he got the “SUPERIOR SERVICE, ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR AND HONORARY REWARDS” at Konak Rotary Club. He worked as member of National Polio Plus Fund Creation Committee in the period between 1987-88 and he received special success Trophy from CHARLES KELLER –the Chairman of International Rotary.

Erdoğan Tözge still continues his career in Engineering, Consultancy, Representative Agency and since 2004 he is the Representative and Distributor of Italian SIREG S.p.A. Water Purification Firm for Turkey.  


SIREG S.p.A., which was established by Emilo BLANC in 1936 in Milan, is active in an open area of 20.000 m2 and in a 12.000 m2 factory.

Although SIREG S.p.A. has been functioning in all sorts of technological fields since the year it was established in the last 20-30 years it came to be a leading establishment of Europe via its advanced technologies in purification of "drinking water, artesian well, sea water" and it is among the topnotch companies in the world.
Sireg S.p.A. has ISO certificates besides the certificates of Italian Ministry of Health since 1997.

In purification of drinking water, artesian well, sea water, SIREG S.p.A. has made continuous successful applications in purification of heavy metals such as ARSENIC, Nickel and Boron besides purification of bacteriological and chemical harms in Italy, Central America, Cuba, Santa Domino, Sri Lanka (Far East), Maldives Islands, Bangladesh and Iran.
In our country it is also active in special projects such as Hotels, Marinas, Resort Municipalities, Yachts, Schools, Locations, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Launderettes, Dwellings and Textile Industry, Dental Clinics, Food Industry And Industry Processes.
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