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Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri
Su Arıtma, Arsenik, Cihazları, Sistemleri


70% of the boron ores in the world are in turkey. Therefore, we are among those countries with highest arsenic ratio.

When arsenic combines with a heavy metal such as cadmium it is considered to be one of the most toxic chemicals in water. Moreover, nickel when combines with a heavy metal such as boron it becomes carcinogenic.

Human exposure to arsenic can occur through food chain, respiration or adsorption. However, the dominant form of arsenic intake is food chain. High dose of arsenic might cause acute toxicities such as stomach-intestine symptoms, anorexia, vomiting, diarehea, heart-vessel and nervous system function disorders, muscle cramps-contractions, heart complaints or death.

   Arsenik Arıtma Cihazı, Su, Arsenik Arıtma Tesisi

Arsenic has highest carcinogenic effect on vesica and lungs. It causes organ deficiencies upon accumulating in heart&veins, brain and nervous system, liver and kidneys.

The level, which is harmful to health and is toxic, is the dose above 200 µg per day. According to the european laws the maximum limit value in drinking water is 10 µg/lt.

The first symptoms, which seem to be caused by exposure to low levels of arsenic, are dark brown skin pigmentation, which is known as melanosis, and hardening of palms and soles, which is known as keratosis. If arsenic intake is continued it causes skin pigmentation causing white spots, which resembles rain droplets and is defined as leukemia melanosis by medicine.

Sireg s.p.a. Of italian origin purifies arsenic approximately with 98% success in europe, south america, africa, far east and in our country via reverse osmosis technologies.
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